Planting and maintenance services


Adequate soil preparation and correct planting technique will give your bamboo plants the best possible start in your garden. Zen Bamboo is pleased to offer a planting service to our customers - we will deliver the plants, prepare the garden bed, provide appropiate materials and plant the bamboo. We will also provide our maintenance guide to help ensure continued success in your garden. Please contact us for further details on this service.                                                                                            

Planting of Old Hamii at a childcare centre, Newcastle


Do you already have thriving bamboo plants which are in need of trim and tidy up? Zen Bamboo will offers a maintenence service of thinning, pruning and pleaching plants. For trimming the height, the best time of year to undertake this is in winter, after new culms should have reached their maximum height. Please contact us for further details on this service.                                                       


Before and after photos, hedging of Gracilis