Zen Bamboo is a specialist bamboo plant nursery for backyard gardeners, landscapers and developers. We provide a range of high quality bamboo plants grown to landscaping standards. We stock a large quantity of different bamboo varieties  - both clumping (non-invasive) and running (invasive). 
Why choose bamboo? In addition to adding to a lush tropical element to a garden, bamboo is a fantastic solution for privacy needs. Do you have a large house next door? Neighbours that you want to screen out? Bamboo is a great solution for these privacy needs. And bamboo can achieve significant height in a comparatively short timeframe. Clumping varieties such as Gracilis or Goldstripe are great options for these screening needs. 
And rest assured that maintaining bamboo can be a straightforward matter. We stock mainly clumping bamboo (non-invasive) which, as the name implies, has a limited root system that will not overrun a garden. Managing the height, thickness and overall size of the bamboo is very achieveable. We are happy to povide the right advice for different planting situations to help ensure bamboo is a success in your garden. 
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