Nepalese Blue (Himalayacalamus porcatus)
Nepalese Blue Bamboo is a graceful weeping bamboo variety with soft blue/grey coloured culms. It has delicate looking fine leaf foliage which grows in a vase/fan like shape. Growing to around 3 meters, it is a great plant for filling in under story spaces. It can also be grown in narrow garden beds (from 500mm). This variety does best in part shade or dappled light. Nepalese Blue is non invasive as it is a clumping variety. 

Prefers cool temperate climates. Once established, Nepalese Blue is low maintenance.  Also looks fantastic in pots. 

A great Bamboo for the Canberra region climate as this Bamboo variety can comfortably handle temperatures as low as -12°. 

April 2017 

Sep 2016